aesthetics and function in symbiosis


High quality at an attractive price. High-quality components from leading and renowned German manufacturers were installed.
Suppliers. Easy service and long service life give you confidence in your purchase decision. Proven
Ergonomics and solid execution in a symbiosis of aesthetics and function. Numerous equipment variants and colors
are available for you to choose from.

Behandler Einheit
Pantographischer Arm

Handler unit

Elegant design, optical sensors of the instrument selection, efficient control of the amount of water for cooling.

Pantographic arm

Easy and precise adjustment, smooth movements.


Wide range of colors, hygienic, special colors on request.

Assistance module

Ergonomic, comfortable, swiveling

Frame construction

Solid, reliable, high-quality workmanship.

Mouth rinsing basin

Hygienic and removable design, sterilizable.

Operating room lights

Various options, halogen, LED, PupilCam.

Customizable according to your wishes...

The UNI headrest is individually adjustable and allows positioning along the three axes

Dentist element with upper cable guide.

The assistant element with up to four instruments offers ergonomic access thanks to the integrated swivel mechanism. Smooth and flowing movements for successful work.

Mouth rinsing basin in hygienic Design concept

The cuspidor is easy to remove and sterilizable.

High-quality mounting elements are the basis for fast and safe changing of instruments.

Operating room lights

Operating room lights

This LED operating light combines ergonomics with simplicity: The smooth and rounded surfaces are easy to clean, and the color rendering index enables detailed work and precise examination. Thanks to the reflection at the rear parabolic glasses, a shadowless light cone of approx. 180 x 60 mm is created – and at the same time protects the patient’s eyes. A microprocessor-controlled cooling system keeps the light temperature constant even when the light intensity is controlled. The luminaire can be mounted on walls, floors and ceilings with 2D or 3D rotation and can be conveniently switched on and off by foot control.


Equipped with a patented articulated mechanism, the lighting can be precisely aligned and controlled thanks to removable handles and sophisticated electronics. It is connected to a video detection system and convinces with many advantages: no direct light incidence, constant light temperature even with light intensity control as well as easy installation or replacement for existing lamps. An integrated sensor shields the device from radio frequencies – making it a reliable and powerful surgical light.

Efficient organization

Your work in the dental practice requires safe, professional organization of processes. Everything should be available in the right place. The operation of functional elements must be made uncomplicated. Sterilization must be safe, simple and organized. We also offer complete treatment lines – designed and manufactured for your requirements.

Treatment lines

A new type of vertical handle. The hand always sits on the right place. Smooth, rounded surfaces allow for quick and safe cleaning. A quick tap is all it takes and the integrated Slow motion technology silently pulls in the drawer. Multiple cabinet configurations, ergonomically positioned at the treatment center. Mirror fronts of the dispensing cabinets make the room spacious. Invisible handle strips on the inside prevent fingerprints. Sink and countertop are seamless from the same material manufactured. Best hygiene through puristic and timeless design.

Hygiene area/sterilization area

ZEISING also shows its strengths in the hygiene sector in particular. Our furniture program is oriented to a functional and consistent workflow. Easy-to-clean smooth surfaces and transitions ensure safety. Many well thought-out detailed solutions are available. Our furniture components are always oriented to the daily work in practice. In the process, we are also in the able to respond very individually to your space situation and thus find the optimal concept for you to work out.
Custom railing system
Tray cabinet
Autoclave Tower

Friendly reception

Nice for your patients and staff. Reception solutions planned and realized according to your ideas and the spatial situation in your practice. Executed with high standards of design, material quality and processing.

Reception solutions from ZEISING

A reception solution from ZEISING as an example of a friendly, ergonomically designed entreé.

High-quality reception solution with design demand for clean lines and shapes. The room looks…

A round thing. Aesthetic design already at the reception.

Simple elegance, many functions.

Waiting area